Lose weight, save money?

As I was listening to Tim Ferris speaking at NEXT conference about “the four hour body”, one particular sentence caught my ear. ” What gets measured, gets managed”.

The statement is by Peter Drucker and it is actually an easy tool if you believe in this idea. According to Ferris, you are more likely to lose weight by writing down everything that you eat or taking a picture of it, the with any other type of diet. Because you think more about the fact that when you a hamburger, you need to write that down. After a while you have a complete overview  of everything you have eaten and it may show your bad habits.

The same goes for money. As a student I live with a budget of 50€ for my food for an entire week. When I don’t write down my expenses, I cross my limit for that week.

So, if you wan’t to try this method, find a notebook or use Evernote(IOS/Android) and write down the things that you want to manage. Let me know in the comments if it works or if you have other techniques.

If you want more in dept about this topic visit “A thinking Person”

Have a great day 🙂




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