Money does make you happy

I know this is a strong statement “Money does make you happy”, But it is one that I live by. Perhaps I should refrain my statement “A sufficient amount of money makes you comfortable, thus happy”.

I know that this a big difference (the title was a bit of clickbait, apologies) but still it comes down to this, you need money to be happy. In today’s world you can’t just live of the things that you produce or live anywhere you want. There are rules to be followed and to follow them you have to have some amount of money. But there are ways to make money and not work 12h a day. I know the internet is full of content like this but I wanted to share what I learned today about this topic.

This video by “Project Life Mastery” was very clear on how to start building a capital and gave some really good tips for beginning investors. There is one rule to keep in mind: Start as young as possible.

Have a great day everyone



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